In certain circumstances a person seeking membership of the Institute can opt to undertake a ‘ test of professional competence’. This is run in conjunction with the School of Spatial Planning, TU Dublin. 

Entry to the Test



The format of the ‘test of professional competence’ is in two parts comprising (1) Written Project and (2) Interview.

Once the applicant opts for the test the Institute will notify them of the date and arrangements for the test.

The applicant submits the application form which includes a brief outline of the proposed topic for the “written project”. The applicant is informed (normally directly by the School of Spatial Planning, TU Dublin) whether or not the project is acceptable.

1. Written Project:

The written project (subject to agreement with School of Spatial Planning, TU Dublin) would be in essay format (about 2,000 words) and would include the following characteristics:

  • Large Scale – National or Regional Level
  • Have Spatial / Physical Implications
  • Have planning issues at its core
  • Hypothetical or real case study

2. Interview:

The interview will consist of two parts: a) The candidate will provide an overview of their course (transcripts for the panel will be required in advance) b) The candidate will be asked questions on all aspects of their project and also about planning in general.

Time Scale: A maximum period of six months is allocated to the test candidate to submit the written report once the title is approved. It is expected that the test will be run twice yearly in the Spring and the Autumn. The applicant is informed of the time and place for their interview.


The School of Spatial Planning, TU Dublin, submits a written report to the Institute. The IPI informs the applicant.


  • Prospective applicants should note that the cost for the test is €250 (reduced from €400).
  • Please note that this is only payable following notification from the Institute to the candidate to undertake the test.
  • Please email if you wish to receive further information on this avenue for membership of the Institute.