Persons engaged in a programme of formal study leading to an accredited planning qualification/degree from a planning school, which meets the educational requirements of the Institute, are eligible for student membership of the Institute.

Student membership is only open to those who are currently undertaking an IPI accredited course in planning.

Accredited IPI Courses include:

Technological University Dublin

  • BSc in Spatial Planning (4 year undergraduate)
  • MSc Spatial Planning (2.5 year part-time postgraduate)

University College Dublin

  • Master of Regional and Urban Planning (MRUP) – 2-year course
  • Accelerated 3+1 degree combining: BSc City Planning & Environmental Policy and MRUP Accelerated

University College Cork

  • Masters in Planning and Sustainable Development (MPlan) – 2 year course


Student Membership is FREE for students on all IPI accredited courses

How to apply

Download the application form here. Once it is completed, click on the Apply button below and follow the steps to upload and submit your application.